Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday 5!

 Let’s just jump on this! I went shopping earlier in the week at Banana Republic. In case you weren’t aware, and I don’t think you would be, BR is my favorite of all places to shop. I have never been let down by quality when I opt for BR. 

Today I’m sharing my new loves from my recent shopping excursion.

Since it’s August I opted for their new arrivals which transition into fall ever so nicely. I bought this faux wrap dress in a petite small.

This dress was originally bought to wear while here on vacation but it can really be a work dress, Saturday dress, or beach dress! I bought this one in petite medium since it’s a bit more fitted in the hip.

I love these linen blend pants! These won’t be a transition piece but I will definitely rock them the next two months! Petite 6.

My daughter and I we’re shopping together. She said this dress was “old lady” then I tried it on and she said, “Oh my gosh that’s so cute!” Yep! It is a super cute dress. Petite 6.

Click here for Banana Republic’s Factory Store!

Read it.

I finished it right before we came to SC. Probably one of the best books I have ever read.

OK! Back to the beach! We only have a day before we start the trek home. Totally bummed to have vacation wind down but it’s all good!


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Lazy Day!

Hello, friends! (From vacation!!!)

Ocean Isle Beach was hit by Hurricane Isaias. It did a lot of crappy damage. Flooding, fires, more fires...terrible. 

Thank goodness for my mom’s beach place. Her renters vacated the day the storm hit. We came on down! It’s been wonderful. 

We have had great beach time and today fabulous lazy time. Today brought rain and storms so after a stroll around Broadway At The Beach and lunch at Nacho Hippo we came back to the condo to be 100% lazy!

Now that I am all cozy in my hoodie and sleep shorts (that I may wear out since ya know...beach) I keep thinking about everything to come. Next week the kids have open house for the 20/21 school year and that means school supply shopping. 

Then my mind starts thinking about creating a new schedule. We have been on the same schedule for basically 5 months! Though, I am super excited my son will be in school four days a week I am slightly stressed at wondering how school will really go. I also feel like I should run to Walmart and buy a couple new planners to start planning every meal and movement from now until...

Wait! I am on vacation! I am sitting beside the Atlantic Ocean and I have like two more episodes of The Last Dance to watch. It’s August 2020! For the love of God have I not learned I’m not in control?!?!

Back to my lovely, lazy vacation!


Broadway At The Beach

Nacho Hippo

North Myrtle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach

The Last Dance


Monday, August 3, 2020

Weekend Recap

I weekend is still going strong since I am off work this week.  Yay

Today is supposed to be rainy ridden and blah.  I have big plans of staying in my pajamas, making waffles, and watching loads of television.  Maybe later we will bust out for something "real" to eat and to bowl.  We shall see no rush on anything, folks.  No rush at all.

The weekend was fun though our plans were shifted.

Tee Ball season is over!
Saturday morning was the last game of the 2020 spring summer season.  This was my little guy's first time really playing anything baseball related and the verdict? He's ready to play soccer again and if he never picks up a bat and ball again he will be OK.  He did really improve his throwing and even caught a few catches made to him on first base!  But his thing is soccer.  I really hope there is a soccer season.
Coach Mikell (haha) enjoyed hearding his eleven kittens this season.  I think he preferred the little ones.

We made it to the pool!
Since we didn't get to leave for vacation after teeball we opted to go to the pool for the day.  This was my first trip to the YCP Pool this summer.  It was nice since it was pretty much empty with the exception of maybe twenty others in the baby pool.  There is nothing better than that gentle lull to sleep in the chair by the pool.  Ahhhh so good.  Since we are technically on vacation I'm refusing to cook so Saturday night we redeemed a giftcard at Cracker Barrel for dinner - it was so good.  But isn't the food you don't cook the yummiest?

Sunday Fun Day!
After two cups of coffee on Sunday morning I decided to paint the laundry room (only finished one wall) and then go pull weeds in my flower beds.  After that all I could think about was the need to be by the water.  So I rallied the troops and we loaded up to have a late lunch on Lake Norman.  The Blue Parrot is our favorite spot for fish tacos, pasta salad, and shrimp wraps.  It was so good and so nice to be by the water.  Our little guy picked out a boat that he thinks we should totally get...its only $78,000.00.

It's a great day to be on Ocean Isle Beach!

Good news!
That little Tropical Storm is set to make "landfall" down at Myrtle Beach overnight.  It looks like rain and wind nothing much nothing crazy.  Ocean Isle Beach let us know that we will probably be able to come on down tomorrow.  We are all very happy but cautiously excited.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Tacos & Beer Kinda Day

My vacation started on Friday at 5:30pm....

Tropical Storm watch, flash flood watch issued for parts of NC ...

The the NC coast shut down in spots due to a "hurricane" south of Florida.  Y'all - I cannot even.  I am beyond angry and frustrated.  I was so pissed I went to Walmart on Friday night at 8pm (they close at 8:30) and bought a vacuum cleaner.  If that's not pissed then I don't know what is.

Actually, I needed a new vacuum.  But it sounded like something I would do if I was out of my mind.

That stupid "hurricane" now a tropical storm is still sitting wayyyyyy down in the bottom of Florida and its a freaking tropical storm now.  It's not even a hurricane.  It's not even close to us.  But don't tell that to the weather channel who prays every single weather event is a mass catastrophe - sick bastards.

Woooo sahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I'm trying to be very positive about this batch of foul lemons and make lemonade with extra sugar.  

While we wait to see if we will be allowed to actually go on our vacation (which I paid for months ago...) I have decided we will have fun every day by doing something different.  Yesterday, the day we should have left, we ended up at the pool.  Then we laid around (except my husband, he doesn't do that) and then we used a Cracker Barrel gift card and got dinner.

Image may contain: ‎one or more people, sky, pool, cloud, closeup, outdoor and water, ‎text that says '‎Totally not 1-74 East but ya take what you can get. ن‎'‎‎

Mama don't cook on vacay.

I really didn't want to go to the food market (I'm not using any other term for a grocery store anymore other than food market because I like to say food market) but we ended up there anyway.  Our cart - I should have snapped a photo - all JUNK.  Cookies, ice cream, ice cream, cookies, and ok some fruit.

Anti Diet Club - Yes this one is for me.

Today I think we will go bowling.  I heard bowling allies are open again.  Of course knowing how this state rolls as well as our luck as soon as we pull in the parking lot the governor will decide they can only be open from 9am to 9:15am and you cannot use a ball.  For you out of staters - did you hear that our governor has stopped alcohol sales after 11pm?  I believe he has chlamydia and COVID confused.

politics roy cooper Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

Another nugget to add to this is that I decided since we're on a delay of sorts I would take this time to re-organize my house.  Ever doing that...last night I knocked out the kitchen but I feel the need to do it again.  I also am making a list of all the crap I need for the house....this staycation is becoming expensive.  

You know I have never been an excited for autumn kind of girl.  I hated going to school growing up, Halloween wasn't fun to me, the only perks of fall I could see were more bonfires, football, and my birthday.  But I'm not so sure I won't be pulling out pumpkins and planting mums as soon as possible. 

Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2020 Collection - Vogue

Oh ish - that's the fall fashion picks from Vogue?  I change my mind. 

I haven't done too much in the way of bitching over 2020 but after the last oh I don't know five months I am kind of over everything.  And I mean every freaking thing.  Essential worker, fine ok I like to make my money the legit way.  Wear a mask and don't go close to people, sounds like a plan I'm a Scorpio.  Coin shortage, yeah ok whatever.  Your kids are kinda going to school kinda not and we will probably just pull them out of this new schedule all together within a few weeks of it starting, sounds like a normal government plan.  But when you close my damn beach down because of a reason that isn't quite logical....jump the gun much, folks?  

Maybe we should all just dance in a thunderstorm and lick the bottoms of our shoes.

I think I'm going to scratch all plans and find some water and have a taco and beer.


Mango Beer Chelada And Mango Beer Braised Tacos

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What's Up? 7.2020

What is up?!?!

What we're eating this week:

We eat out two days a week so this week those days are Monday and Friday.  I love eating out.  I love letting someone else cook for me and just being responsible for, you know, throwing the trash out.  Anyway the days that we aren't eating out I'm planning on doing nothing but easy meals.

Tacodillas - pictured - basically the stuffings of a taco but in a quesadilla.  SO good!  Kids love it, husband loves it, I love it.  I got these off my eMeals account.  If you don't like sitting around making lists for the grocery store and are sick of eating the same old thing you should give eMeals a try.  We love the recipes and the ease of allowing the app to compile the grocery list and then send it on to Walmart Grocery or any local grocer (Instacart) to shop for me.  It's a working mamas bestie.  Here's my link so you can check it out.

Also on the menu this week are:  Chicken Lo Mein and pork chops!

What I'm Reminiscing About:

When my mom had a pool...Of course she sold that property for what now seems like ages ago but man do I miss that pool.  The kids loved it too.  I have toyed with the idea of putting one in but I don't think that's really on my list of things I just have to have right now. 

What I'm loving:

These long summer days.  I love being home after work and still having so much day light.  I love the heat and humidity (though I realize I'm the only person other than maybe one or two others who can truly say they don't mind 80% humidity and 94 degree weather.  It is a gift.)  

I'm loving my Smirnoff Pina Colada Seltzer.  Smirnoff is my choice for seltzer over Bud Light and if I have to I will take a mango or pineapple White Claw.  But did you know Smirnoff has the lowest cal/carb count?  Yes, girl.

But where can I find THIS pack?!?!

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer | Hard Seltzer | Smirnoff
What we've been up to:

Teeball! Since COVID knocked out spring sports teeball, baseball, and softball were all moved to the summer.  Personally, as a kid who played summer ball, I think summer is the best time for softball/baseball because the kids are out of school and the days are longer and there's just a more pliable dynamic for going to the ball field when you don't have to worry too much about the next morning.  

My husband and his late dad's Bronco has also been a thing around here.  At the start of July the title was signed over to my husband so he's been working non-stop on restoring? cleaning up the 1987 beast o' Ford.  Isn't it ironic how he gets this machine the year Ford reintroduces the Bronco?  

My daughter is learning the value of work ethic.  No sitting around all summer in our house - she's been going to work with my mom and I think she likes it.


Nada.  Life is too short to dread crap.

What I'm working on:

Am I supposed to be working on something?  I didn't get that memo.  Oops!

What I'm excited about:

When this publishes I will be just a few days out from vacation!!!  This year we are returning to Ocean Isle Beach.  OIB is our FAVORITE vacation spot.  We started going years ago and then the person we rented from sold their place and we were out of luck - except for my mom getting her place about thirty minutes south.  This year we're returning to OIB and will be over on the Intercoastal Side of the island.  I'm so excited!  We're taking the bikes and the best part?  Friends will be just up the coast at Oak Island so we plan to get together with them for a fun beach day and night in.  

Now that is throwing it back to the OLD days at OIB!

What I'm Watching:

My daughter and I finished up Gilmore Girls and GG A Year In The Life.  Now we're watching Parks & Rec but since I watched it back when it was ya know....airing and she's already finished the series we just watch it to laugh at Andy.

We did watch Hamilton and yes it totally lived up to all the hype!  I think if more historical musicals used rap I would be more inclined to view.

Did you watch Lennox Hill?  Whooooooo!  I loved it so much!  But man am I queasier now than ever?  I used to never mind watching something a bit gruesome like surgery but now I'm like a little kid!  I squirm and cover my eyes and hold my breath.

I enjoyed (shocking) Palm Springs on Hulu.

Palm Springs (2020) - IMDb


American Dirt  I'm not finished with it but I can tell you this book is a really good read.  I don't want to put it down but duty calls so I have had to stop in the middle of chapters to do things like clean or cook or sleep but this book is really worth your time.  

American Dirt' leads to conversations about representation and ...

One of my favorite places is Mexico.  Its beautiful and the people are kind.  But it's also a horrendous mess with the cartels running everything that happens there. Though this book has a totally different main character than I would expect from a novel based around fleeing Mexico I like to think the situations found in these pages will open American's eyes about the struggle that truly exists to flee a murderous society to find a better life.  This book has had me holding my breath and be on the verge of tears.  

And I'm only half way finished.

Reminscing here - your's truly on the beaches of Mexico 2017.

I'm listening to:

Well T Swift had to surprise everyone and throw out a new CD.  I'm currently listening to it but I'm not in love with it.  When she announced last Wednesday she was releasing a new CD I was like, ok cool.  My daughter is a T Swift junkie so its perfect when she releases new stuff in August/September because guess whose birthday is in early September?  My kid!  Of course she's totally loving the new music and I'm just kinda like mmmkay.  

If 'folklore' is Taylor Swift 'embracing imperfection,' let's all ...

Maybe it will grow on me - I do like it better than Lover.

What I'm doing this weekend:

Jacking up a team of four to seven year olds on cupcakes and then going to the beach!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Let's just enjoy all the good stuff before school starts back (yes our schools are going back on a modified schedule in person) and before my baby turns another year older.  August is always a big month in our house.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Quiet Peace

My father-in-law is dying.

That's a hell of an opener isn't it?  I think he's sixty-three years old.  Yeah, think.  For some reason I think he was born '57.  I say that because my aunt was born in '57 and I'm pretty sure they would have graduated together.

He dropped out.  He would have graduated with her I think.  

I think.

He dropped out because his dad died.  That's what I was told.  There was the farm there was no dad he dropped out.  That's it.

My husband grew up with his dad.  His mom exited when he was very young.  She made her choices and left.  We can judge mothers all day for this but until you know the situations you should really keep your mouth shut.  I learned that the hard way, I guess.  But this post isn't about a mom in 1985.  Its about my father-in-law.

To say I married a daddy's boy is a slight understatement.  His dad has been his hero, his number one, his go-to for as long as he's been alive.  He was with him through single dad times, married dad times, dirty divorce dad time, etc etc etc.

They have memories that I know nothing about.  They have a history that is deeper than deep and bruised and also filled with immense dad/son laughter that I could never understand.  

Never, ever could I comprehend.

This world is small and this county is smaller.  My dad knew his dad when I would have been very tiny and my husband would have a been a year tinier than me.  They played golf together on Sundays.  That really translates to a bunch of rednecks on the golf course killing Budweiser and smoking cigarettes and probably saying words not fit for Sunday.

I only learned this nugget of information after I shared that I had met my husband.

The first time I met my father-in-law he was smiling.  He looked like a scruffier version of Sam Elliott.  But that's only because he has matching hair on his head and the same facial hair.  And they are both pretty small guys.

He didn't say much at all and neither did I.  

I don't remember my first thoughts of him.  I guess I was indifferent because this was a just a guy I was dating (his son) and it probably wouldn't amount to much.  

Much to our surprise that first meeting would lead to fourteen years of knowing one another.  And still fourteen years of not much talking.

But I like that.

Here's what you may not know about me - I prefer quiet over mindless banter.  I'm just fine in a silent room than in a busy one.  If there are no words then there are no words and there is no problem whatsoever with that.  Sometimes its good to just be.

I think he felt that way too.

The father-in-law that I knew...what do I remember most?

I remember him being the best man on the day I walked down the aisle to marry his son.  And now I realize what a big deal that was.  He suffered from social anxiety and I did not really know this until a year or two later.  He could not stand a crowd and it just so happened we had a crowd of about eighty in the church that day.  But he did it.  He stood there beside his boy.  He held it together.

I remember him loving that first grandchild of his.  Our daughter.  The thing about scruffy dudes that are dads is that they generally become mush when a baby is around.  But that baby has to be of some relation to them!  I remember the night she was born and when he held her.  There is a look that comes over a new grandparent - I saw it on my mama's face, my dad's face, and my father-in-law's face.  

It was the same look that he had when he held our second child, his second biological grandkid - a boy.  

I remember him having some hard times and him asking me to help him a little.  He was embarassed but sometimes we hit a rough patch, no matter who we are, and we help each other.  I couldn't get what he lost back but I could help him not get in that situation again.

I took a job teaching at the community college.  He signed up and took the class.  It was how to opearate Windows.  The class was filled with his peers and they were more afraid of those desktops than kids of the boogie man.  But we had fun.  He was a good one for me to pick on during class...and he didn't mind.

Our early years in our marriage were riddled with bumps.  My father-in-law kept his dad perspective and when his son didn't want to man up he treated him like a boy and reared him back up to closer to being a man.  I know that this paragraph sounds harsh but I promise you my husband would agree.

He never hated me.  If you know my in-laws then you know that that is a big statement.

My father-in-law was a very simple person.  He wasn't brilliant, he wasn't reaching for stars, he stayed in his lane.  He enjoyed his son and his cows and time on his tractor.  He liked to go to Topsail and ride bikes.  He liked pizza but was a meat and potatoes guy.  He enjoyed playing basketball back in the day with his son and his motley crew of friends.  He loved to watch the kids unwrap their presents on Christmas Eve.  He also enjoyed sitting in the beating down sun watching that first grandkid play softball even though he was undergoing some trying chemo treatments.  And I remember a freezing morning last fall when he came out and took on way too many steps to watch the youngest grandkid run around like a wild hooligan on the soccer field.

The man loved Pepsi like no one else I have ever known in this world.  

He always had a pot of coffee on (we were born to be friends.)

He had his chair and he had his ways.

My father-in-law is dying.  He's in a hospital bed in intensive care with one lung in his thoracic cavity.  The other one was removed nine months ago.  The one that remains cannot manage and is riddled with bacteria and fungus.  An internal vent has been placed inside him.

My father-in-law - the quiet man.  Of all the things I can write in this post or say in person I just want him to know I respected his ability to quietly take it all in.  I enjoyed his quips when he did decide to say something.  I'm thankful for his son because God knows I would be bored if he hadn't had that boy.

Today as I type this I send up a prayer to the God I revere and the one that he denied - have mercy on that man and let him just be so that he can have peace.  

Quiet peace.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

(Old) Pinterest Account Finds!

Good morning :) I hope you are all doing super well on this Wednesday.  

Last weekend I purchased myself a new computer for Mother's Day.  Since the kiddos are virtually learning I gave the youngest my Chromebook and decided it was time for mama to upgrade.

After I set up the computer I was logging into my accounts and guess what I found?  My original Pinterest account.  HA!  I thought I just had one account but apparently not.  The account was obviously set up in 2015 and it was actually a lot of fun to look at what I had pinned back then.

Also it brought back some memories like:

*That year I had strep throat three times
*I was still running then
*I was planning a possible vow renewal but we opted for Mexico instead a couple years later!
*I had an 18 month old and a nearly seven year old so there were several pins for mamas of little ones
*I still LOVED pineapples

Here are some of my favorite things from the old Pinterest account:

Taco Empanadas

These Taco Empanadas have flaky pastry and cheesy filling in every hand held bite. They are grain free, gluten free, low carb, and THM S. via @joyfilledeats

I think I made these about ten times after I pinned them!  They are so good and the kids loved them too.  I need to bring these back into the rotation!

This quote

No words.  AMEN!  Here's the pin.

This dress/tunic/coverup

There's No Limit Tunic Dress - Piace Boutique

Boho should just be called classic.  I mean its not going anywhere!

A good drink (for mommy)

liquid marijuana 1 part Captain Morgan 1 part Coconut Rum 1 part Midori 1 part Blue Curacao Splash of Sweet & Sour Splash of Pineapple Juice

I pinned this from Tumblr.  This is one of those iconic summer college drinks and I cannot remember the name of it but I do remember a tme when I drank a lot of these and didn't have to worry about calories, carbs, sugar, taking care of other humans.  

A Life Hack 

Rid odors with tea bags.~ This works. We have had a stinky closet since we moved into our house 5 yrs ago. We tried everything we could think of. It helped but still smelled until we hung a tea bag. That did the trick.

I may have learned a while back that if you have a loved one who suffers from stinky feet a good tip is to have them soak their feet in tea.  (Unsweet, wink) Well why wouldn't I have thought about this for unsavory smelling nooks and crannies of your home?!?!


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

OK OK I'll Show You My Books

If I had been lucky enough to be in quarantine I would have read so many books but I didn't get that privilege!  Today I'm sharing with you (and linking up with Steph & Jana) to show you what I read (sad) and what I'm reading or rather listening to.

What Happens In Paradise

What Happens in Paradise

This is pitiful but...

In March I went to the local public library because I had this feeling that school was going to be out for like the next seventy-two years.  So I scooped up some books for my kid and grabbed one book off the front shelf for me.  (What was I thinking?)

I grabbed this book for myself. Little did I know it was the second book in a trilogy.  There is nothing like walking into the middle of situation.

However, the book is good.  Hildebrand does a good job at catching you up (over and over and over) on what was in the first book.  

I do recommend this series, having skipped book one and went straight to book two.  It has some crime and outrage and passion.  I feel like when I give a synopsis of a book I tell too much so I will just let you click the link to B&N and decide if its something you would like.

Elin Hildebrand wasn't on my list of authors to try until a few years ago when I wanted a true beach read for our week at the coast.  I reluctantly grabbed one of her titles from the same public library and was hooked.

Sunset Beach

Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite cheeseball writers.  All her stuff makes me laugh and has that relaxed vibe that doesn't require you to think too much.  Her newest release is about Drew.  To make a long story short and not give away the whole story (which I cannot because I'm still reading or rather having Audible read it to me) Drew's mom has died, she lost her job, and she's moved to Sunset Beach.  Her dad is an ambulance chasing lawyer and he's offered a job in his call center.  While working there Drew has made a few new friends and also taken an interest in a case that was ruled worker's comp but seems to be much more.

Next month I promise to have much more good stuff in this post than the grab-it-fast from March and an Audible pick. Ha!  Wishing you all wonderful reading with a little salt and sand mixed in!


Saturday, May 2, 2020

Saturday Sip, Shop, Sounds Good

Happy Saturday...

I woke up to sunshine and blue skies.  It will be an amazing day.  Do you will your days?  I do.  I make affirmations every morning - like today when I saw the sunshine I said, "Today will be a great day."  I have heard if you verbally speak it then it's more than likely going to happen.

Don't check the science behind that.

Best Kauai Coffee Beans Guide - 100% Hawaiian Coffee, Buy Now ...

Do you know what tastes exceptionally well on Saturday morning?  Saturday morning coffee.  I am a coffee connosiour and I can attest that in the summer you need to drink Kauai Coffee.  You can find it at most retailers (though I'm not sure if you can at Walmart.) I love their Kona and their Garden Isle blends.  Its good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff - Does anyone here subscribe to Fab Fit Fun?  Anyone?  OK my last box came in March and if I can suggest a great product or two from that box I wanted to tell you all about:

Fast Food Leave In Conditioner is my favorite item I received in my shipment.  If you need a good leave in conditioner that doesn't weigh down your hair and also leaves it looking freaking amazing then this is it.  FFF said it was retailed at $24 but its really retailed at $19.99.  You can find it online at Amazon, Walmart, Ulta, etc.  

This is the gravity weighted sleep mask that came in the March box.  I love this thing.  If you get sinus headaches it feels great to put some pressure around the eye area.  I think I may need to go ahead and get a weighted blanket.  But seriously - why do they say gravity?  Its just that they put all that stuff in it to make it heavy...
So FFF said this is a $39.99 value and Target agrees. Purple sales these for $26.00.

"Be You Do You For You PINK" Poster by vasarenar | Redbubble

If you are interested in trying out Fab Fit Fun then head over to my Facebook page and if you're one of the the first six to comment on the post corresponding to this post I will totally send you a starter box!

What's on tap for your Saturday?  Or are you like, "Um you're typing this at 10am.  Our Saturday started hours ago."  Sorry I like sleep.

Around here I'm doing super cool things like grocery shopping, mowing, maybe planting more flowers.  We are having friends over this afternoon to toss around the softball and ride dirtbikes and four-wheelers.

Y'all Act Like You Got Some Sense  #southernisms #fortheloveofthesouth #Rusticgraceboutique #rusticgrace #rusticgracesouthernisms

It just felt like the right time to drop that on here.

And since we're into summer here's what's for dinner:

Shrimp Boil Foil Packs
By @cremedelacrumb1
Easy, tasty shrimp boil dinners baked or grilled in foil with homemade seasoning, fresh lemon, and brown butter sauce.
- 1 pound shrimp, peeled and de-veined
- 2 ears of corn on the cob,...

Visit Just Another Recipe Blog for the recipe :)

Don't forget to head to the Facebook page to get your Fab Fit Fun Starter Box.  Just click the link and comment on the post that corresponds with today's post :)  The first six ccan get the code.

Be content!

Friday, May 1, 2020

May 1

Happy Friday...

Though today I'm not any more excited about Friday than I would be about, say, Tuesday or Wednesday or even Monday.  I have had the week off and have enjoyed every single minute it.  Friday is just somewhat of a reminder that another weekend will blast by and next week I shall be back at work.

Which leads me to the idea of finally buying a lottery ticket (pointless), ok just a scratch off (more pointless), and saying a quick prayer (God probably isn't too fond of ole scratch offs) and taking out a dime and going to town.

If I won a million dollars (echo if I had a million dollars BNL fans are smiling) and the government took their share what would I do with that remaining $695,000?

I would pay off my house and car first. (-120k)
I would put a hundred grand back for the kids. (-100k)
I would buy the husband and I new-to-us cars (-45k)
Of course there would be tithing and charitable distribution...

But the rest?

I would apply to keeping my life simple and happy. Get a fun job playing in flowers.  Pay off the beach condo.  Move? Maybe.  

But most of all - I would buy the $15 bottle of wine instead of the $6.99 MVP special.  

Just kidding I would never do that.

OK guys lets talk about Friday and highlight the fun from the week, shall we?

Cycling and Bikes Art Prints and Posters | Free Shipping | Shop FyQuotes About Riding A Bicycle. QuotesGrambicycle quote | amy zhang design | Bike quotes, Cycling quotes

And in the afternoon...we ride.

Last weekend we purchased a bigger bike for my son.  He learned to ride a bike without training wheels one afternoon at our friends' home.  Their middle sweetie taught him and he took right to it.  Fast forward three months and we finally got him a bike.  

Every afternoon my son, my daughter, and myself get the bikes out of the back of the workshop and take off.  Its my favorite time of day.  We just ride and ride and ride and they are the kids and I get to revisit my own childhood.  

These are the days.

Once upon a time there was a girl who was very conscientious of her carbohydrate intake.  

And then her mother learned how to make eclairs.


I was on of those kids who loved to pick up frogs, toads, turtles, and try to catch a lightning speed lizard.  I'm also not afraid of spiders or other creepy crawlies.  If I know a snake is around, I'm cool with it.

But when it comes to mice, I'm out.

OK that has nothing to do with the photos.

Last Sunday we had a good rain and then the box turtles were wandering around.  The boy found this one and decided (aftert thinking it would be an awesome pet) that it would be better off in the creek.

I freaking love turtles.

We went to Pinterest on Thursday and made these guys.  Well ours aren't quite this cool but all you need is anything you can paint with glow in the dark glitter glue (we used jars, shells, jars, more shells).  I kinda went crazy and thought I should so do my walls like this.  Its really fun.  Here's the pin.

Alrighty that's it.  I have to get this classsroom in line.  I gave them movie time to start the learning day and I know that is going to backfire like a mother.

I wish you all a content Friday.